Personal Training





Inner Compass Co. Holistic is an uplifting fitness and wellness space dedicated to supporting you on your fitness journey. We are proudly located in Murrumbateman, NSW.

Owner Amy Hagelaar provides one on one personal training sessions, small group fitness fitness classes, private and group yoga classes.

With over 15 years experience in the fitness industry and two young children herself (7 years old and 16 months) Amy has experienced first hand the physical and mental benefits gained from increasing your fitness and designing your own healthy lifestyle. Of particular interest to Amy is the increased mental clarity, the decrease in anxiety, stress and depression felt when prioritising time each week to exercise.

Amy will support you fully on your health and fitness journey. She works with you to tailor a fitness program which suits your personality, goals and lifestyle.

When exercising with a trainer who takes into account your entire picture you very quickly experience many positive changes such as feeling safe and supported, your mental wellbeing may improve leading to increased health and vitality. Physically you start to feel stronger which leads to an increase in motivation, self-confidence and an ability to cope with the stressors of life more effectively – things don’t get to you like they once did.

Above all Inner Compass Co is place to relax, restore and recharge. A place where you can invest in yourself, set goals and achieve them, have time to yourself FOR yourself and ultimately BE yourself so you can go out into the world and continue kicking your personal and professional goals.

Amy is an experienced and fully qualified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, running fitness classes and personal training sessions in her private training studio in Murrumbateman. Specialising in fitness for women, pre and post natal exercise and trauma sensitive/mental health training sessions Amy has a particular interest in fitness and yoga for the mental health and increased wellbeing of busy and time poor women and mums.



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