Personal Training

There are many benefits to one on one personal training sessions.

They are an excellent starting point if you are returning to fitness after a break or have recently had a baby. It is a great way to have your technique assessed and adjustments made to ensure you are moving safely and in accordance with your current fitness levels. It’s also a great way to invest in yourself, your health and your fitness not to mention a fun and enjoyable way to enjoy your fitness journey.

Our Personal Training sessions are 60 minutes in length and are specific to your health and fitness goals. Sessions will cover and are not limited to:

~ Correction of muscle imbalances.

~ Body-fat reduction.

~ Increased strength.

~ Stamina.

~ Endurance.

~ Exercise for flexibility and mobility.

~ Wellbeing practices you can use in your daily life to implement mindfulness and positive changes to benefit your health and wellbeing.

We currently have a few options available and we always have special deals and packages on the go. For more information see our packages page on how you can start your journey towards better health and fitness with my focus and support.

Alternatively you can call me on 0418 975 495 or email and we can have a chat about what best suits you!