Group Fitness Classes

Enjoy exercising with a rewarding and encouraging, like-minded women. Revel in our challenging but super fun strength & conditioning sessions and yoga classes!

Every class will be different, yet the focus remains on key aspects of successful exercise programming with our signature attention to detail.

Classes include but are not limited to;

~ Strength

~ Flexibility

~ Conditioning

~ Core and Pelvic Floor Strength

~ Cardiovascular Fitness

~ Mobility

These classes are designed to give you maximum effect in a minimum amount of time and are executed with your current level of fitness in mind – so you will complete scaled versions of the workout which suit YOUR current level of fitness.

You may be returning to fitness after a hiatus, perhaps due to pregnancy, injury, work load, or perhaps you want a fresh start – all that general life stuff! We know how tricky it is to find balance especially if life has handed you some curve balls recently… maybe you’ve just had a bub? Maybe you’ve never had a proper exercise regime? Maybe you just changed jobs? Maybe you just moved here? Whatever your story, we’re here for you and with you! We have kids, full-time jobs, and all that life stuff so we get YOU. We are flexible and will always strive to provide you with options to keep you safe, happy and progressing!

But be careful! The benefits you will experience across a range of your daily activities are extreme!!!

For example:

  • Running around after the kids will become easier and more enjoyable
  • Your stamina, posture and energy levels will improve and you will experience heightened feelings of well-being
  • You will enjoy the social aspects of training in a fun and supportive environment where you will make great friends for life.

It is my belief that true health and fitness comes as a result of balance across the board, including proper nutrition, adequate rest and smart programming. Exercise should be enjoyable and push you out of your comfort zone without compromising your health and wellbeing.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your health and fitness journey.

Cheers & much metta,