Ladies Small Group Training

Classes Coming to Murrumbateman February 2018.

Enjoy exercising in a relaxed indoor/outdoor environment with other like-minded women and be challenged by our classes!

Every class will be different yet focus on key aspects of fitness including but not limited to;

~ Strength

~ Flexibility

~ Core Conditioning

~ Pelvic Floor Strength

~ Cardiovascular Fitness

~ Mobility

These classes are designed  so that the benefits of the exercises can be transferred into your daily life. You will notice many benefits across arrange of your daily activities for example running around after the kids will become easier and more enjoyable, your stamina and energy levels will increase, you will experience heightened feelings of well-being, and you will enjoy the social aspects of training in a fun and supportive environment where you will make great friends and won’t be able to help but take home fitness and exercise ideas to enjoy doing at home.

In these classes we will work on technique and accessory movements which will help improve not only your fitness but your posture and everyday movements.

It is my belief that true health and fitness comes as a result of balance across the board, including proper nutrition, adequate rest and smart programming. Exercise should be enjoyable and push you out of your comfort zone without compromising your health and wellbeing.