Tanran Reiki

Tanran Reiki is one of many forms of Reiki being taught and used with great benefit all around the world. Different types of Reiki evolved to allow students to find a teacher and system they resonate with. Yet all forms or lineages of Reiki work with the same Universal Energy, and offer the same benefits to both receiver and channel, and the planet at large.
Tanran Reiki is to a journey of the Heart and of the Soul. It is a way of saying ‘Yes, I acknowledge, the (maybe small) voice within me, that says there is so, so much more to me than I am allowing for at the moment.’ It promotes following guidance and intuition, both in healing and in personal development. It embraces change readily, as life itself is a process of change. Tanran Reiki is spiritual in nature, not religious, and at the same time very much ‘down to earth.’
We learnt that when we get out of the way of the energy with our limiting minds, it all becomes very simple and powerful beyond imagination. That’s why we say “Simplicity is its Power”. The Reiki energy wants to heal all – instantly. We just need to let go and surrender to its complete and total wisdom. Tanran Reiki can be your gateway to step through and start (or progress) your own healing journey and journey of self-discovery. Learning to open and work with your intuition and guidance, letting go of your blocks and limitations – to become at once Healer, Teacher and Student to yourself and others.